Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Hill With The Fool Atop of It

My friends and I gathered for a small bonfire.

There was Martha.

There was Tony.

There was Stewart.

There was Max.

There was Susan.

There was Temperance.

And finally, me, Cloudfriend.

We all sat under the cool shade of an apple tree, telling stories of our old lives.

Stewart was just some teenager before -it- happened.

Susan was Stewart's girl, and had been taken along for the ride, so to speak.

Max had been a nearly homeless musician.

Tony was a just some collegial student on the verge of suicide.

Martha was a stay at home wife to an abusive husband.

Temperance was no one, and yet everyone. Temperance came from  -here-.

Now, you want to know where I am from?

I don't even remember, or want to. I just want to lay in this field, without a care in the world.

Because if we stay in this wonderous place, harm will not come to us.

But if we leave...if any of us leave...

Well, anyway, now you know the gang.

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