Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Everyone is fine, like always. The storm came, and we were prepared.

We stayed nside the interior of the safehouse, and no one strayed outside.

Doing so would have been certain death. The outside was completely lit up like daytime, even though it was night. Thousands of birds circled and swayed above us, cawing and singing their death wishes. Roars of malice boomed outwards from the grey clouds above. Sparks of electricity engulfed the monsters.

 They meant harm, but they also meant peace. I mean, they are our masters. They love us.

but that makes me think. Are they, well, they?

The birds....seem to think...collectively.

Ehh, I don't know. It's weird.

But the important thing is that everyone is safe!

Those two strangers aren't here yet though. Hope they're alright.

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